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Allowing Cookies in Internet Explorer

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer, perform the following steps:

1. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

Image of step one

2.From the Internet Properties dialog box, on the Privacy tab, click Advanced.

Image of step two

3.From the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box, click to select Override automatic cookie handling.

Image of step three and four

4. Under First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies, click to select Accept.

5.Click to select Always allow session cookies.

Image of step five and six

6.Click OK.

7.Click OK.

Image of step seven

8.Verify your computer's time and date are correct. If the date set in many days in the future or many days in the past, the cookies will not save correctly (they have expiration limits for increased security). Set the date and time correctly.

9.Delete your Cookies. You can reset your BidNip cookies here: remove bidnip cookies. It's possible that your cookies for BidNip.com are corrupt. IF this is the case, they can be removed using this page, or by clearing your browser's cookies and cookie cache. Instructions on doing this are available at AboutCookies.org. (Note, the aboutcookies process may affect cookies for other sites as well, so do as a last resort only.)

10.And finally, You MUST close all IE windows and relaunch them for the changes to take effect.

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