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BidNip Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is for people who are new to BidNip and auction sniping.
If you are already a BidNip member, you may also view our Member FAQ.

What is Auction Sniping?
Sniping is the smart way to purchase online auction items. It helps you avoid competitive bidding which always drives the final price higher. When you snipe with BidNip, your bid remains hidden until the last few seconds of an auction. We will place your bid for you at the last possible moment, which makes it practically impossible for other bidders to react before the auction ends!
Why should I snipe an auction?
For two reasons: you want to win, and you want the lowest price. Using BidNip helps you do both at the same time. A 2006 research project at Seoul National University in Korea, as well as a 2002 paper published by a Harvard economist Alvin Roth, have confirmed that sniping gives you best chance of winning an auction at the best possible price (see article).
Why should I use BidNip?
  • BidNip was recently voted the fastest and most powerful online auction sniping service.
  • Get 5 free snipes to try BidNip with no cost or obligation.
  • Save money by avoiding bidding wars and competitive bidding.
  • Cancel or change your bids at any time before the auction ends.
  • We monitor your auctions 24x7x365 (so you don't need to).
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No need for special downloads or software.
  • Support for all operating systems and service providers (AOL, MSN, DSL, Cable, etc.)
  • Adjustable snipe delay anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds.
  • View your previous snipe history.
  • Get immediate snipe results via email.
  • Award-winning technical support.
  • Redundant servers and connections.
  • Get free snipes for referring your friends.
  • Our unmatched guarantee: If you don't win, you don't pay!
How does BidNip work?
BidNip's process is broken down into three simple steps:

  • Ready! You create a free BidNip account, enter your eBay username and password in our secure database, and then we'll test your settings to make sure they are entered correctly. You're ready to hunt for your first auction to snipe!

  • Aim! When you've found an item you want: sign in to BidNip, tell us the eBay Item Number, and set your snipe delay (for Dutch Auctions, you can also tell us how many items you want to win). You're done aiming your snipe, and you can let BidNip handle the rest.

  • Snipe! This is what BidNip does better than anyone else. At the very last moment (based on your snipe delay), we pull the trigger on your bid and snipe the auction for you. The best part is that we guarantee you'll win the auction, or the snipe is free!
Can BidNip really guarantee that I will win the auction?
Yes! BidNip works so well that we guarantee your success, and that guarantee is what sets us apart from our competition. Unlike other sniping services, if you don't win the auction for any reason, we won't charge your account. If you don't win, you don't pay!
Is sniping considered cheating or against eBay's rules?
Nope - not at all. Sniping is not playing dirty - it's playing smart. Here's a quote from eBay's help pages: "Placing a high bid in the closing seconds of an auction-style listing is called "sniping" within the eBay Community. Sniping is part of the eBay experience, and all bids placed before a listing ends are valid - even if they're placed one second before the listing ends."
Why can't I just snipe manually without BidNip?
You're welcome to try, but you better hope that a BidNip user isn't planning to snipe the same auction. Our high-speed bidding servers are synchronized with eBay's internal clocks continually throughout the day, so we know exactly when an auction is going to end and can place the winning bid faster than any human. If you really want to snipe an auction, BidNip is your best choice.
How much does BidNip cost?
You can try BidNip for free. And not just for one test auction - we'll let you snipe five auctions before we'd even think about asking you for money. No hidden costs, no secret sign-up fees. We're so confident you'll love BidNip and want to become a customer that we'll give you 5 free snipes with no cost or obligation. Just sign up for free right now and we'll give you your 5 free snipes. If you want more after that, you can buy additional snipes for as little as 22 cents each.
Is using BidNip really worth a quarter per snipe?
Of course it is. BidNip will usually save you 4 times, 10 times, or even 20 times that amount, but it's still all we charge you! Other auction snipers will try and charge you a percentage of the final price, but not BidNip. Spending a single quarter on an auction can save you lots of money. And if you don't win, you won't pay a penny.
Is my personal information safe?
Security and reliability are our #1 concerns at BidNip, so we have taken major steps to ensure that all of your personal information is completely safe with BidNip. We store your eBay user ID and password in our protected database using 128-bit encryption, and use secure server technology to protect you. Our military-grade server facility is guarded around the clock and requires fingerprint authentication to enter. Additionally, BidNip never sells or transfers any of our member information to anyone else. We always respect your privacy, and keep your data safe, confidential, and 100% secure. For more details, please review our privacy policy.
Is it possible to lose an auction using BidNip?
It's difficult to lose an auction with BidNip, but it is technically possible in only four cases:

  • You set your Maxmium Bid too low. BidNip will help you win more auctions for less money, but as with any auction, if someone else is willing to pay more than you are for the same item, they are going to win. We can eliminate competitive bidding, but we can't reduce a competitor's maximum bid once they've placed it. Your best chance to win the auction is to always put in the maximum amount you're willing to pay for an item, and then BidNip will snipe it for the lowest possible price without going over your maximum bid.

  • You give us incorrect information. If you give us an incorrect eBay Username, Password, or eBay Item Number, we won't have the information required to sucessfully snipe your auction. If you change your eBay account information before your snipe is scheduled, make sure you tell us so we can update it before processing your snipe. And even though giving us incorrect information would be your fault instead of ours, we still won't charge you unless you win the auction.

  • You set your snipe delay too low. Even though our servers' clocks are continually synchronized with eBay, if you schedule your snipe delay for less than two or three seconds, there is a small possibility that your bid might not be placed in time because of a delay in eBay's servers or the connection between their servers and ours (especially during eBay's busy times). You can greatly reduce this risk by setting your snipe delay for at least 3 or 4 seconds before the end of the auction. We will warn you if you try to set your delay too low, but the choice to do so is always yours.

  • The seller has placed restrictions blocking your bid. In some cases, your bid may not be placed because the seller has placed certain restrictions on their item. This is most commonly caused in cases where the seller does not ship the item to your location, but can also occur if the seller requires a higher feedback score than you currently have, or the seller has specifically blocked your account from bidding on their items, or the seller requires a PayPal account and you don't have one, etc. These restrictions are all controlled by the seller, and BidNip is unable to place a bid that is blocked by a seller restriction.

If you are a current BidNip member and don't understand why you lost an auction, please read our Why Didn't I Win? page.
Why is BidNip better than software I can run on my own computer?
For a number of important reasons. Regular sniping software is client-based, which means if anything goes wrong on the client side (power failure, system crash, program error, slow or unreliable internet connection, etc.) your bid won't be placed. Using client-side software, you need to keep your computer turned on, and hope that nothing goes wrong before your auction ends.

BidNip, however, is server-based, and each of our servers run the RedHat Enterprise Linux operating system on multiple processors, multiple hard drives, multiple power supplies, and multiple network connections in a military-grade network operations facility. Our servers are literally bulletproof - our server cabinets feature bulletproof glass!

BidNip's award-winning software uses a proprietary combination of mathematical computations and complex server monitoring to make ensure your snipes are reliably placed at the last possible second. And unlike client-side software, you do not need to leave your computer turned on for BidNip to place your bid. Our servers are connected to the Internet through a multi-homed network with redundant high-speed connections, which is far more reliable than a home network with a single connection. We have thousands of satisfied customers and millions of successful snipes to our credit.
Will BidNip work on non-US currency auctions?
Or course - BidNip will snipe all auctions, regardless of currency or location.
Will BidNip work with eBay Motors or Dutch auctions?
Yes - it works great with both. With Dutch Auctions, simply specify the number of items you want to when when setting up your snipe.
Does BidNip work with eBay Live Auctions or Mature Audience auctions?
Sorry, because Live Auctions and Mature Audience auctions require additional verification, eBay does not allow bids to be placed through BidNip for these types of auctions.
What if more than one person is using BidNip to snipe an item?
Even with the advantage of sniping, all bidders are still subject to eBay's bidding rules. Whoever places the highest bid before the end of the auction will be the winner. For complete bidding rules, please check eBay Buyer's Guide.
Will BidNip tell me if I'm outbid?
Original versions of BidNip checked and notified users of being outbid about 1-2 hours before an auction ends. Unfortunately, we found this method actually LOWERED your chances of winning. The reason is that sniping allows you to set your TRUE maximum and won't let other bidders bid based on that maximum. Because it's your true maximum, you shouldn't need to increase your bid. BidNip still sends notification after midnight on the day of the auction end, but you shouldn't depend on notifications - the purpose of sniping is to place only one bid - your maximum - at the last possible moment.
Can I delete or change my scheduled snipes?
Of course - that's one of the advantages of using BidNip rather than placing your bid directly on eBay. Because BidNip doesn't actually place your bid until the auction is almost over, you can cancel or change your snipe within three (3) minutes before the auction ends.
Will my snipes or account expire?
No. Your snipes have no expiration date and we won't close your account unless you ask us to.
Why do I have a difficult time accessing the website sometimes? What's going on?
If you are having difficulty accessing the website from your location (ie: pages don't load, load very slowly, or don't load completely) then you might be experiencing internet routing problems. To diagnose if you are having internet routing issues, simply follow the instructions that are outlined in the video tutorial on either of these pages:
Why doesn't the one-click sniping work for certain eBay items? What should I do?
EBay frequently updates it's website, and sometimes this can adversely effect the one-click sniping functionality for certain items. If the one-click sniping doesn't work for you for a particular auction item, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure you've downloaded and installed the most recent version of your preferred one-click sniping add-on by visiting the following page:

If you are still having problems after having downloaded and re-installed one of these add-ons, simply copy the eBay item url to your clipboard, sign in to your BidNip account, and send the link to us via email by filling out and submitting our Technical Support inquiry form:

No more questions? Then sign up for BidNip today to get your 5 free snipes.

If you have a question about BidNip that isn't answered here, please contact us.